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JDBC Drivers
JNetDirect drivers lead the industry in providing a range of high performance, full featured and scalable JDBCTM solutions for Java database connectivity applications. All products are fully certified by Sun's J2EETM certification program.

  • JDataConnect
    A high-performance, scalable solution for leveraging data contained in ODBC data sources. Adds a critical managed server and optional SSL security to desktop databases. Use Java to deliver data from Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access, DB2, Microsoft FoxPro, Informix, Sybase and many more relational data sources.
  • JOfficeConnect
    A high-performance, scalable solution for MS Office users needing network connectivity to databases such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Visual FoxPro. JOfficeConnect provides the seamless JDBC link between your application and the data.
  • JSecureConnect
    Secure your Java applications with encryption, authentication and firewall access. Add security to your current Java solutions without code changes and protect critical corporate data as it travels between the source and your applications.
  • JSQLConnect
    The fastest, most reliable way to access Microsoft SQL Server products from your Java, .JSP or J2EE applications. Supports Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 with the latest JDBC capabilities.

Data Integration
JNetDirect data integration products simplify data-driven results. Whether you need a world-wide Integration, real-time Dashboard, or just Corporate Reporting. JNetDirect products make it easy to share, integrate and control your data.

  • Elixir Repertoire, an end-to-end integration of the entire information lifecycle.

Management and Security Products

  • SQL Farm Combine offers a complete end-to-end development, change management, and code deployment solutions for SQL 7, SQL 2000, and SQL 2005.
  • SonaSafe for SQL Server provides unique capabilities including automated backup, point-of-failure or point-in-time recovery and intelligent standby functionality.
  • Secret Server enables companies to securely store, view, audit and when necessary, share anything from router passwords and service accounts to product license keys.
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