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Northern Storage Suite
Northern Storage Suite is a Storage Resource Management solution; a software solution that targets the costs and complexities of managing stored data.

The fundamental goals of all Storage Resource Management policies is to ensure that storage related costs are minimized and that mission-critical data can always be stored and retrieved. How these large-scale goals can be subsequently broken down to form a practical strategy is the central challenge; the central challenge that Northern Storage Suite is engineered to overcome.

Northern Storage Suite breaks SRM down into four goals; elimination of wasteful storage usage, controlling the behavior that caused this misuse, facilitating a pro-active mind-set among users and providing the time and data required for methodical network development.

For close to a decade, Northern has taken the lead in delivering real-world, market driven storage solutions.

Efficiently manages your organization's printing resources by automating user-based or group-based printing quotas. Removing unnecessary and load-intensive printing offers huge cost savings and increased system efficiency.


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